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Bodybuilding Diet for Indians

The basic ingredients of a bodybuilding diet can be found in all normally available food items and therefore the Indians diet can also be customized to include all these basic ingredients. The goal of a healthy bodybuilding diet is to provide the body with enough nutrients and energy for the proper growth of muscles. The Indian food, which is mostly vegetarian, can face the problem of deficiency of protein but it can also be made good with some effort.

Basic Rules of a Healthy Bodybuilding Diet

The most basic goal of a nutritious bodybuilding diet is to offer the body with a little more amount of calories than you burn so that there is muscle gain without the addition of fat. While protein is the most essential ingredient of a bodybuilders diet, you will also require calories from other foods such as carbohydrates and fats. Protein can be consumed at regular intervals throughout the day while carbohydrates should be taken before the workout for maximum benefit.

Besides these, fats also provide the body with additional calories. Fats are found in vegetable oils, peanut, coconut and fish. Fats are also founds in small quantities in fruits and nuts.

Indian Bodybuilding Food

You can start your day with three to four boiled eggs or a protein rich omelet made along with diced onions, cheese, chilies and tomato. The omelet should be made in cooking oil.

Lunch should consist of chicken or dal, rice, roti and curd for the vegetarians. The chicken can be prepared with high calorie items like dry fruits, peas, ginger and coconut.

For dinner, fish curry prepared with loads of tomatoes, garlic, onions and ginger will be ideal. These dishes can be combined with loads of fruits and nuts to increase the nutritional value.

Rice should also be consumed in plenty.