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All about Bodybuilding Steroids

Bodybuilding steroids are mostly sold illegally in the black market simply because these bodybuilding steroids are a scheduled drug and therefore these anabolic bodybuilding steroids have been ruled illegal in a number of countries around the world.

Such strict rules and regulations lead to bodybuilding steroids being used secretively behind closed doors. According to law, a physician cannot prescribe bodybuilding steroids for bodybuilding and therefore these anabolic steroids are usually not attainable through a physician. The bodybuilding steroids, thus, have to be acquired illegally on the streets. Moreover, buying bodybuilding steroids from such places cannot guarantee of genuine products. Such fake products can not only ruin you financially and mentally but also physically by causing severe side effects.

Bodybuilding steroids are of two kinds, namely veterinary and human anabolic steroids. While bodybuilders use both human and veterinary bodybuilding steroids as the effects of both these are the same, veterinary steroids are often a lot easier to get than the human version of the steroids, therefore, the veterinary steroids are often the preferred choice.

Some of the most commonly used bodybuilding steroids include names like anadrol, andriol, sustanon, deca durabolin, testosterone, halotestin, sten, and anavar.

Other available veterinary steroids are norandren 200, laurabolin, equipoise, winstrol-v and desposterona. Besides these, some other drugs are also sometimes rated as bodybuilding steroids because bodybuilders use these for physique development.

Are Bodybuilding Steroids safe?

The one word answer to this question would be NO. Morevoer, veterinary bodybuilding steroids should never be used as these are not manufactured by following certain prescribed rules and regulations as is the case with human bodybuilding steroids.

Health governing bodies around the world manufacture human steroids only after ensuring that these drugs meet a preset set of rules and regulations to that can be safely used by humans. That is just not the case in veterinary drugs and the bodybuilders who consume these kind of bodybuilding steroids are well aware of this fact. Though they try and notice all the details carefully to ensure and rule out as much risk as possible, there is always that factor of uncertainty that remains.

Therefore, even if you decided to take to steroids, we suggest you stick with human steroids as though they are costlier, these do not have as many risks involved.

What are Prohormones?

Although prohormones have related effects as bodybuilding steroids, but these are a lot different. The basic difference between the two is that bodybuilding steroids continue to remain in the consumer's system for a number of many months ever after you stop taking it but that is not the case with prohormones. These prohormones disappear out of the system in a few days after discontinutation.

Another big difference between bodybuilding steroids and prohormones is that while most of the commonly available bodybuilding steroids have to be injected in the body, prohormones are a lot different in the sense that these can be either swallowed or sprayed.

Besides, bodybuilding steroids in most of the countries are illegal while on the other hand, prohormones can be purchased conveniently at many dietary supplement shops.

Apart from these differences, what is common between the two is that both prohormones and bodybuilding steroids are designed to build lean muscle mass.